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What is the Rate for publication in The Times of India (all over India) Tender Notice ad, size 3 column X 12 cm


Dear Customer! Welcome to releaseMyAd. The length of one column in a newspaper is equal to 3cm. Therefore according to your requirement, the size of a 3 column ad should be 9cm. You can book the ad through the TOI Display Ad Rates page by selecting the section of the newspaper where you want to publish your Display ad. This will provide you with a list of relevant cities and editions for Times of India. Tick mark on the preferred regions and then proceed to compose the ad. For all over India, select all the locations individually or any All India discount package from the Special Combination offers.

This will display the page where you need to specify the ad size and position. Please choose the relevant size and position as per your requirement to review the corresponding rates and cost for the same. If you’re convinced to spend the required amount, please proceed to the next step of composing and creating your own ad. 

Here you can design, compose and create your own ad matter with the help of the sample online layouts and templates. If the ad has already been designed, it can be directly uploaded through our website.

You may visit the Online Booking Tutorial and take a tour through the slides to understand the different steps of booking an ad through our website.

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