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Display AD RATES

Edition Circulation Display Ad
Agra7 K( Copies)Rs. 140 / sqcm
Ahmedabad2 L( Copies)Rs. 740 / sqcm
Allahabad11 K( Copies)Rs. 140 / sqcm
Aurangabad17 K( Copies)Rs. 75 / sqcm
Bangalore5 L( Copies)Rs. 3690 / sqcm
Bareilly11 K( Copies)Rs. 130 / sqcm
Baroda55 K( Copies)Rs. 435 / sqcm
Bhubaneswar35 K( Copies)Rs. 455 / sqcm
Bihar46 K( Copies)Rs. 540 / sqcm
Chandigarh78.9 K( Copies)Rs. 485 / sqcm
Chennai3 L( Copies)Rs. 1985 / sqcm
Coimbatore58 K( Copies)Rs. 360 / sqcm
Dehradun30 K( Copies)Rs. 205 / sqcm
Delhi11 L( Copies)Rs. 4120 / sqcm
Goa50 K( Copies)Rs. 170 / sqcm
Gurgaon98 K( Copies)Rs. 365 / sqcm
Guwahati18 K( Copies)Rs. 185 / sqcm
Hubli4K( Copies)Rs. 120 / sqcm
Hubli16 K( Copies)Rs. 120 / sqcm
Hyderabad3 L( Copies)Rs. 1350 / sqcm
Jaipur87 K( Copies)Rs. 475 / sqcm
Kanpur22 K( Copies)Rs. 265 / sqcm
Kerala2 L( Copies)Rs. 420 / sqcm
Kochi48 K( Copies)Rs. 280 / sqcm
Kolkata3 L( Copies)Rs. 1835 / sqcm
Kozhikode12 K( Copies)Rs. 135 / sqcm
Lucknow1 L( Copies)Rs. 915 / sqcm
Madhya Pradesh1 L( Copies)Rs. 488 / sqcm
Madurai44 K( Copies)Rs. 155 / sqcm
Madurai10K( Copies)Rs. 155 / sqcm
Mangalore13 K( Copies)Rs. 3415 / sqcm
Meerut45 K( Copies)Rs. 140 / sqcm
Mumbai8 L( Copies)Rs. 5640 / sqcm
Mysore16 K( Copies)Rs. 170 / sqcm
Nagpur52 K( Copies)Rs. 350 / sqcm
Nashik20 K( Copies)Rs. 210 / sqcm
Noida1 L( Copies)Rs. 350 / sqcm
Patna39 K( Copies)Rs. 748 / sqcm
Pondy10K( Copies)Rs. 70 / sqcm
Pune3 L( Copies)Rs. 2425 / sqcm
Raipur19 K( Copies)Rs. 150 / sqcm
Rajkot11 K( Copies)Rs. 153 / sqcm
Ranchi23 K( Copies)Rs. 350 / sqcm
Surat30 K( Copies)Rs. 215 / sqcm
Thane2 L( Copies)Rs. 240 / sqcm
TOI East3L( Copies)Rs. 1835 / sqcm
Trichy10K( Copies)Rs. 125 / sqcm
Trivandrum16 K( Copies)Rs. 190 / sqcm
Udaipur4 K( Copies)Rs. 190 / sqcm
Varanasi7 K( Copies)Rs. 135 / sqcm
Vijayawada25 K( Copies)Rs. 85 / sqcm
Visakhapatnam40 K( Copies)Rs. 280 / sqcm


Frequently Asked Questions

Please know that as per your requirement, you need to book a Classified Display or a Display Advertisement in your preferred newspaper, either in the main paper or in the Business by Bids supplement of Times of India, which is the Public Notice and Tender Ads supplement of Times. You can start the booking of your ad from the Times of India Public Notice and Tender Ad Rates Page. On this page you can find all the packages as well as individual edition prices for both Kolkata and Delhi. You can simply choose the preferred package or book the ads separately for different editions and then compose or upload your own ad design in .PDF/.JPEG/.TIFF/.EPS format as per your convenience. Please make sure that the ad is booked 2-3 days in advance so that your ad is released on time. 
Times Ascent is published every Wednesday with The Times of India newspaper and the deadline is Monday till 4 p.m. The minimum size accepted is Times Ascent is 8 cm (width) and 6 cm (height) and the minimum cost is approximately Rs. 90,000 including tax. The width and height can be customized according to your choice. You can book your appointment ad directly in Times Ascent, Mumbai, by clicking on the link: https://www.releasemyad.com/newspaper/cat/recruitment/compare/timesofindia/mumbai. However, for best-discounted rates and offers, you can call us at 9356222541 / 9830140273 or drop an inquiry at book@releasemyad.com or take the help of our experts via live chat support. 
As per your requirement, please know that Display ads are measured based on their size in terms of length and breadth which are charged in per sq.cm unit. Also know that publishing your ad on a specific page of the newspaper requires extra charges as per the guidelines provided by the Publications. Should you like to book your display advertisement in Times of India, then please visit the following page: https://timesofindia.releasemyad.com/display-ad.php, choose the main edition or from among the supplements if needed, then choose the editions or package as per convenience. After this, specify the ad size or choose the option of Full Page ad to get the exact cost for your advert. Then ypu can proceed to the Ad Compose page where you can either compose your ad with the help of pre-designed templates or simply upload it in .JPEG/.PDF/.EPS/.TIFF format. At the end you must ensure that the release dates are confirmed and the payment is made at least 2-3 days before the intended release date.
To publish a matrimonial advertisement, you must take a look at the Times of India Matrimonial advertisement rates for a full comprehensive knowledge of the cost of publishing such an ad in the Delhi edition. It must be kept in mind that matrimonial ads are classified ads, so begin the booking by selecting your edition as Delhi, and proceeding on to composing your ad. For a successful booking of your Delhi Times of India matrimonial ad, complete the process by making the payment either online or offline. There are various discount offers and packages available along with sample ads that will help you with the booking process.
releaseMyAd is the perfect partner for booking your ad online in any newspapers of India. With us, you get the opportunity to view rates and compare it with the prices available in the market. Our booking portal enables you to book your ad in few minutes in your preferred medium. For booking ads in Times Zigwheels visit our website www.releasemyad.com Choose the location, category, and newspaper Compose your ad matter in the text panel. There you can see the charges as well whether that paper charges per line or word. Select the release date and proceed to make the payment on our website. For any assistance please get in touch with us. You can reach our executives at 09830629298 or you can write us at book@releasemyad.com .
Every newspaper has ad size limitations, therefore in case of Display ads the width is always in even number. You can book an ad of the size of 6 cm X 10 cm or 8 cm X 10 cm, whichever suits you. In order to review the rates and start the booking if your ad, you need to visit the Times of Indian Display Ad rates page and choose the main newspaper. Then specify the edition as Bangalore and mention the ad size as 6 cm X 10 cm or 8 cm X 10 cm to get the exact cost of booking your Education Advertisement. Then you can upload the design of your ad or even compose it with the help of our design templates. You can also take the help of our Experts to get your ad designed. To confirm the booking you need to specify the release dates and clear the payment for the same through our online or offline payment mediums as per your convenience. 

Booking Process

How are Times of India Display ads priced?

Times of India display advertising is highly popular amongst businesses to efficiently promote their brand. Display Ads are usually placed alongside editorial content.It is termed to be a high budget medium but at releaseMyAd we make it really affordable for you.Being the leading Times of India ad booking agents we offer the most competitive ad rates for your display Ads.

  1. Display Ads in TOI can be published in the main newspaper as well as the various category specific pullouts mentioned on the top of this page.The advertisement cost thus depends on your choice of edition and also location.
  2. The advertisement cost is calculated per square cm of area covered . The rate also varies depending on whether the ad is coloured or black & white.
  3. A major decider of display ad rate is its positioning- Front Page, Back Page, Page 3 etc as well as its format-half ,full or quarter page and specialized options such as Pointer, Skybus or Jacketed. Ads covering larger area or occurring in special forms are eligible for greater discounts on booking via releaseMyAd. We initiate negotiations based on our experience and expertise and strive to get the lowest prices possible for your display advt in Times Of India.