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About Times of India

Choose Times Of India for all your advertising needs

Classified Advertising is all about choosing the right newspaper.  In a country like India, where print advertising is huge, you have to be careful while choosing the newspaper.  The newspaper you choose determines the response you will receive for your newspaper ad.  My suggestion would be choosing a newspaper like Times of India. 

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Why TOI?

Brand name should be the first criteria of choosing a newspaper. The Times Of India, owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd clearly stands out when compared to its contemporaries.   When you book a classifieds in TOI, your ad gets leverage from the brand value of such an esteemed publication house.


Times Of India has been honored with the title of being the most read English newspaper daily in the world. With a staggering readership figure over 76.43 lakhs; TOI is surely the newspaper of the nation.

Extensive Reach:

Times Of India enjoys impressive readership in most important cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune, Patna, Lucknow, Jaipur etc. Therefore any advertiser planning to book an ad in Times Classifieds page is assured of overwhelming ROI owing to its vast reach. The matrimonial ads released in Times Of India on a weekly basis justify this in the best possible manner.

Readership: Times Of India caters to readers across all ages. However the trend of reporting and subjects handled by Times Of India has made it a favorite among the younger generations.  Hence from an advertiser’s point of view one can draw full value on re recruitment, education classifieds in TOI.


Supplements are often believed to add more value to a newspaper broadsheet.  Times Of India brings out a diverse set of pullouts on various days of the week to reach out to readers with varied interests.  Adverting on these pullouts gives you the chance to reach out to the filter most pertinent groups of readers.

Education Times: Education Times published on Tuesdays focuses on educational discussions and career advices considered invaluable for students nationwide.  Needless to say educational institutions prefer to book education ads for this pullout.

Times Ascent: Times Ascent primarily focuses on career advice and job opportunities. It acts as the bride between budding professionals and employers across the country.

Business By Bids: Businessmen across the country look forward to this business pullout published by the Times Group for latest events in the business world. Advertisers also make the most out of its niche readership.

Times Property: Times Property has become the shrine for property hunters as well as real estate agents.  Needless to say you can gain maximum number of relevant responses when you book a property classified in Times Property.

Other popular supplements of Times of India include Times Life, Times City etc.

Times Of India and its competitors:

A newspaper like Times Of India has no competition on a national basis. Recent studies reveal TOI receives stiff challenge from Hindustan Times in the north and Hindu and Deccan Chronicle in the Southern sector. However it is the ingeniously crafted approach adopted by Times Of India publications that enables it to enjoy a healthy readership in almost every corner of the country.

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